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A Passion for Golf and a Bright Idea

Matt Enaire grew up in Amesbury, Massachusetts before heading to pursue his bachelors degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He fell in the love with the game of golf when his grandfather began bringing him to play at the early age of 5. He began to play regularly after his senior year in highschool and developed a passion for the game. Alike many golfers out there, he is not a scrath golfer and understands his game needs work!


FindMyClub.net was founded when Matt had broken a 7-iron with a steep swing on a fall day in 2015. He had recently purchased this new set of Taylormade clubs and did not want to play that next spring without a 7-iron. He quickly began researching the best ways to replace a club and realized there wasn't much information out there and companies that would sell individual clubs that matched the exact set he had. Matt reached out to the manufacturer and purchased the single club but realized it had to be brand new and was quite expensive. FindMyClub.net is designed to educate golfers out there with this same challenge and give them access to any golf club they may need replaced!

Passion for Golf

Matt Enaire


"FindMyClub.net was designed for the common golfer by the common golfer. No, I don't mean common golfer as in the PGA Tour players who're playing every round with prestine clubs. I'm talking about the golfer who tries to play every weekend with good weather and good company, but could still use a lot of help lowering that score! Golf can be frustrating and we understand that clubs break, get left behind, and scary enough even stolen occasionally. We're here to help you keep your set of golf clubs the way you want it, in tact"

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"FindMyClub.net was essential in getting my golf game back on track! Heading into the season, I was missing both a 5 and 7 Iron and was not prepared for the upcoming tournament. Matt was superb in assisting me to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing single irons or buying a new set. It's never been easier to get my bag back to where it belongs! I'll only use FindMyClub.net from here on for all of my golf equipment"

David Smith +4 Handicap

Passion for Golf