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5 Tips to Maximizing Your Golf Bag

May 24, 2017 10:28:53 PM / by Matt Enaire

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Making sure your golf bag contains everything to help you reach your max potential may sound easy, but do you truly know the benefits of which clubs are in your bag and which accessories are attached?


I see many of my amateur golf mates slugging around a golf bag with as little as 6 clubs.. Can you truly improve your game without having the clubs you need to navigate the course and hit every shot? These 5 Tips will help you reach your true potential and shed strokes off that scorecard!

#1. Buy The Right Clubs.. For You!

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so should your golf clubs! When purchasing your set of golf clubs for the first time or fifth, take the following factors into consideration to ensure they’re the right clubs for you: Height, Handicap level, swing speed, player level. Many golf retailers will typically have a “golf pro” on site to help with club fitting and allow you some time to swing the clubs and get a good feel for them. Taking advantage of this resource can save you plenty of time in the long run, trust me!


#2. Every Club Has a Purpose!

To improve your golf score, make sure you have the clubs that fit your style of play in your bag. As an amateur golfer myself with a 13+ handicap, I take into consideration what clubs I’ll actually use. For example, there is no need for me to carry a 2 or 3-iron, I’m not skilled enough to be able to use these clubs efficiently, other more skilled players can. After playing several rounds of golf, you should get a sense of your most commonly used clubs just based off of how dirty they become. If you have a club in your bag that is just as clean as they day you bought it, chances are you can leave it at home. Also, should you ever break or lose one of your most commonly used golf clubs, don’t just adapt your game to play without it, it won’t work. is a great resource should you need to replace an individual club.


#3. Don’t Forget a Towel

If you’re an avid golfer like my buddies and I, chances are you’ve played a couple rounds in some not so great weather. Having a towel can be essential in inclement weather and save you strokes by making sure you have a dry grip and club face each time you approach the ball. The towel can also be effective in the extreme heat when you just need to wipe the sweat off of your face or in those times of intense competition when you can’t help but sweat!

#4. Make Sure You Have…

Balls- Don’t be the guy or gal that’s constantly asking your playing partner for golf balls after the 3rd hole. Before teeing off, make sure you have an excessive amount of golf balls in your bag or in the cart somewhere. I’m not saying that you need a bag of 100 golf balls, but if you typically strategically place a few in the woods or water, extra golf balls can save your mental state!

Tees- Tee’s aren’t as crucial depending on the course that you’re playing. For the most part, each tee box will have a littering of mostly broken, but some good tees, feel free to grab those. Also, purchasing tees online can be a cheap and effective way to buy in bulk!


Cash- Cart girls/guys have bills to pay too! If you have the dispensable income to afford some snacks or beverages on the course, don’t forget to grab some cash before getting to the golf course. Not promoting it, but, side bets on the golf course don’t make golf any less fun… I promise!


#5. Protect Your Clubs!

As we all know, nice golf clubs can be expensive! Make sure you’re protecting your golf clubs to the best of your ability to avoid having to replace your clubs. While club covers for your irons may not be the most appealing, it is still important to make sure they’re staying in one piece. This also goes for controlling your anger and the decisions your make with your clubs in your hands! Before throwing your club or whacking it on the ground, think to yourself, is it worth it? 


Interested in more information on optimizing your golf bag? 

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Matt Enaire

Written by Matt Enaire