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Customer Success Stories: FindMyClub.Net

May 24, 2017 11:17:19 PM / by Matt Enaire

Customer Success Stories: FindMyClub.Net

With several golf club replacement companies out there in the market, how do you know which company will serve you best? Listen to their customers! Below are a few of customers that felt the golf club replacement organization went about and beyond to serve their needs. Find more Customer Success Stories at!


Ryan Hart, Kingston NH +12 Handicap

"I left my club behind at a golf course after playing into the sunset and leaving it behind on a hole. Unfortunately, when I called the club house the next day, my pitching wedge was nowhere to be found. I wasn't sure where to buy another pitching wedge because none of the retail stores sold them. I found and within weeks I had that same pitching wedge back in my bag! Super easy! Highly recommended to any golfer!"


Tyler Forni, Dorchester MA +30 Handicap

"I'm not sure why I ever bought my first set of clubs. I never thought any game could be so hard, yet I still get frustrated every round I play, and I play often! Unfortunately, I've broken a few clubs in my day. allows me to start every round like I've never broken a club before! Although it may not improve my score, it certainly improves my appearance! I'll continue to use until I can't swing a club!"


James Parady, Portsmouth NH +15 Handicap

" was essential in getting my golf game back on track! Heading into the season, I was missing both a 5 and 7 Iron and was not prepared for the upcoming tournament. Matt was superb in assisting me to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing single irons or buying a new set. It's never been easier to get my bag back to where it belongs! I'll only use from here on for all of my golf equipment"


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