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How Do I Fix A Broken Golf Club?

May 24, 2017 8:46:51 PM / by Matt Enaire

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It's safe to say that not every golfer will experience a broken club during their tenure with golf. However, nearly 130,000 golf clubs are returned to the manufacturer every year and It's also safe to say that does not include clubs that're thrown away! 


If you or someone you know experiences a broken club, there are a few different alternatives you have! How do I fix a broken club you may ask, it's not as simple as some may think it is. Below are a couple of methods to fixing a broken golf club, if it can be fixed in the first place!


What club is it and where is it broken? Chances are if you break an iron, it's most likely going to be the shaft. If you're looking to be cost effective and maintain that specific iron head, use heat to warm up the shaft of the club where it connects to the head of the club and hold the head in with a vice. You can then remove the shaft from the club head and club grip and order that specific shaft online.


If it's the driver head flying off the driver shaft, plan to bring that club to your local golf retailer and see if they can assist you in replacing the driver head. There are many occasions where I've personally seen this occur and each time the telling factor seems to be that the driver is so hold it no longer holds in place! Maybe consider purchasing a new stand alone driver!


Lastly, if you're someone who works a busy schedule and doesn't have the time personal time to look up youtube tutorials on fixing a broken golf club, look into replacement options. There are many companies out there that are able to replace the specific club that you may have broken and return to you the exact club either new or used. This method is also the most efficient in getting that golf club back in your bag for the next round! If you're like most golfers and want to make sure you're maintaining your specific golf club set and not piecing it together with different brands, download the guide below to learn more about the top leading golf club replacement company in the industry, FindMyClub.Net.


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Matt Enaire

Written by Matt Enaire